SDDC Integration

Price: $7,500.00

SDDC Integration Program Subscription

VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Integration program from Ecosystem Services allows partners to certify hardware products and software solutions that have met specific VMware integration and interoperability standards across multiple technologies. Partners can develop and certify hardware and software products using one or more of the 16 or so technologies offered under this program. For more details refer to our Programs and Services page

Note: Partners can order only one unit of this program/service.

Price: $7,500.00

Please note the following restrictions:

  • Only partners in the VMware’s Ecosystems Services programs who have fully executed a SDDC Integration Program Addendum can purchase this SKU.
  • It is valid for a year from the effective date of the agreement.
  • This program fee is non-refundable. It cannot be credited back or refunded or rolled over to the next year.