Data Center Virtualization & Cloud Infrastructure

VMware vSphere Standard

Price: $1,394.00
VMware vSphere Standard provides an entry solution for basic consolidation of applications to slash hardware costs while accelerating application deployment.

Key Features:

  • Entry-level solution for basic server consolidation
  • Next-Gen Infrastructure Image Management
  • Reduce hardware costs while accelerating application deployment
  • Includes vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi), vMotion, High Availability, vShield Endpoint, and vSphere Replication

Price: $1,394.00
Data Center Consolidation and Business Continuity - Consolidate data center hardware and enable business continuity through server virtualization. Reduce capital expenditures by increasing utilization of existing hardware. Increase productivity through central management of virtual infrastructure. Ensure business continuity by reducing or eliminating downtime of your workloads and infrastructure.