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VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload

Delivers native protection that’s built-in to vSphere, so you can gain instant visibility into workload inventory, critical vulnerabilities and more – right from the vSphere Client Dashboard! This powerful solution provides foundational workload inventory, hardening, and vulnerability assessment capabilities to protect workloads running on-premises and on private or hybrid cloud environments.

This solution helps you protect your workloads by:

Integrating natively with vSphere to increase visibility, simplify operations and ensure consistent security across environments

Prioritizing vulnerabilities with risk scores based on real-life exploits so you can focus your resources where it matters most

Providing the full lifecycle context so you can get to the root of the problem

Enabling advanced protection with built-in security so your workloads are born secure

Replacing ineffective legacy antivirus on servers while achieving compliance

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Note: Free trial offer is for current vSphere customers only. Trial access provided through March 22, 2023, upon registering with a VMware Account Email. Restrictions apply. This offer is non-transferrable, and no credit(s) apply to future sale. Ability to sign up for the offer expires December 23, 2022.