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VMware Carbon Black Workload

Delivers comprehensive workload protection that’s built-in to vSphere and VMware Cloud so you get instant visibility into workload inventory, critical vulnerabilities and more – right from the vSphere Client or VMware Cloud console! You can also easily onboard your AWS accounts to unify visibility and security across all your workloads - wherever they are. This powerful solution provides deep visibility into workload inventory, workload hardening and vulnerability assessment, as well as industry leading prevention, detection and response capabilities to protect workloads running in private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

This solution helps security and IT teams:

Increase visibility, simplify operations and ensure consistent security across environments

View detailed workload context to respond quickly and make confident decisions without business disruption

Better understand security posture and ensure workloads are born secure

Augment or replace ineffective legacy antivirus while achieving stronger security and compliance with workload behavioral monitoring

Prioritize critical vulnerabilities with risk scores based on real-life exploits so you can focus your resources where it matters most

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Note: Free trial offer is for current vSphere, VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), and AWS customers only. Trial access provided through March 23, 2023, upon registering with a VMware Account Email. Restrictions apply. This offer is non-transferrable, and no credit(s) apply to future sale. Ability to sign up for the offer expires December 23, 2022.